Friday, April 18, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 5 MorPHeD!!!!!!!!!

Well, this is one of the most unusual discoveries I have made in the past few weeks. After finishing the installation of Firefox 3 Beta 5 on my XP SP2 Dell machine, I launched the beta and this is what I get. 3 BACK BUTTONS?!?!?! I found it quite hilarious at first and still do. I have yet to test whether it is currently only able to provide this unique feature on that computer. I thought it was the whole line of Beta versions from Mozilla's site, but when I installed it on my Vista SP1 edition Acer computer, it was normal, with only one back button. I will be testing the same .exe beta file later tonight on an Acer laptop and my Vista SP1 machine. Feel free to use the picture on any web story, etc. 
I will be updating my findings either later tonight or tomorrow sometime whenever I'm in the mood.

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