Friday, May 2, 2008

iPhone Helps Reduce Sedatives?

Apparently, a doctor has been using his iPhone to help relax kids before they enter surgery.
When I was in the hospital for surgery, I just had the Super Nintendo, playing Mario until my dull mind was bored of it, which was only like 5 minutes.
With Micorosoft pushing their new xbox 360, the Xbox 360 Panacea, which will feature full length G-rated movies/tv shows and E-rated games, I don't think the iPhone stands a chance. But hey, that's just my opinion, what do you think?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 5 MorPHeD!!!!!!!!!

Well, this is one of the most unusual discoveries I have made in the past few weeks. After finishing the installation of Firefox 3 Beta 5 on my XP SP2 Dell machine, I launched the beta and this is what I get. 3 BACK BUTTONS?!?!?! I found it quite hilarious at first and still do. I have yet to test whether it is currently only able to provide this unique feature on that computer. I thought it was the whole line of Beta versions from Mozilla's site, but when I installed it on my Vista SP1 edition Acer computer, it was normal, with only one back button. I will be testing the same .exe beta file later tonight on an Acer laptop and my Vista SP1 machine. Feel free to use the picture on any web story, etc. 
I will be updating my findings either later tonight or tomorrow sometime whenever I'm in the mood.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Buy no longer welcoming the 80GB PS3

Best Buy will no longer be selling the 80GB PS3 due to the high interest and popularity of the new, cheaper 40GB, non-backwards-compatible model. Since the release of the 40GB model, PS3's having been flying off store shelves. That is why Best Buy is getting rid of the 80GB model. Why waste shelf space for an unpopular machine when you can make room for, lets say, the newly announced white 40GB model?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Macbook Air Reviews are in...And the Verdict Is?

Well, the only specs and quality of this laptop that we've been able to get are the people who went to MacWorld 2008. But now, we have the reviews of 3 well-known journalists. These reviews come from USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.

WSJ: Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal was surprised at how the machine felt in hand, saying words could not describe. He also said the keyboard and screen were "a pleasure to use." He also noted how speedy it was. His battery tests gave him 3 hrs and 24 minutes having WIFI turned on and music playing non-stop.

Newsweek: Steven Levy of Newsweek wrote in a third of his review how thin it is. He then compared it to a circumcision. He noted that to ensure an easy connection, you must turn Firewall setting to it's lowest, making the machine even more prone to attacks.

USA Today: Ed Baig of USA Today reviewed the Macbook Air as a machine not meant to be alone, saying that there are tons of features missing and that to only purchase this if you travel a lot with your laptop. He explained Intel's new Core 2 Duo that Intel re-made just for the Macbook Air, going on to say that it is definately the slowest Intel Core 2 Duo chips on the Mac line-up (OUCH!). Surfing the Web, he got 3 hrs and 40 minutes. When watching a movie, 2 hrs and 40 minute ( Zune lasts longer than that).

(700MHz Spectrum) Let the Auctioning Begin!

Well, it's time for what we've all been waiting for. the 700MHz spectrum bidding will commence tomorrow. The top players in in this auction are no other than Google and Verizon themselves. Rumors of Google walking away from the auction empty-handed have been spreading like smallpox due to it pretty much already getting those open-access provisions it wanted.
My hope is that Google wins the auction, takes the spectrum and starts a wireless service, using advertisements as a paying method for consumers so consumers don't have to spend a pretty penny on cellular service ever. Everyone's happy! If you don't want those silly little ads on your phone when you turn it on, you can always pay using a different carrier (2-yr contract or pre-paid service).

Vista Takes on the Consumer Market once Again

In another attempt at glory, Vista Service Pack 1 is rumored to be released on February 15th. Vista SP1 has already been through it's release Candidate Cycle. So, if you've waited to purchase a new PC with Vista on it because you felt that Microsoft needed to make some changes, then the time is coming. So get ready to pull out those wallets and cash in because Vista is coming to town once again.
But, for those who've already gave up the dough for either a new PC or the OS, Vista SP1 will be released as an update, so all of you faithful Vista users will get all of the good stuff as well as the new adopters of the OS.

Still Dreading Higher Decibels in your Earbuds?

If you think that Apple's earbuds pump out the noise, wait until you get a load of these. These earbuds are said to be 500 times the size of the standard earbuds that ship with the iPod models. Perhaps you are looking for a new pair of stylish speakers for your desktop computer? Anyway, these are a pair of earbuds that if they ever do have the chance to hit the consumer market at an affordable price, you'll want to pick a pair of these up the second you see them.

The Most Affordable Ultra-Portable Computer Yet!

WOW! Talk about innovating in the field of ultra-portable computing. This baby has a packed in 120GB SATA hard drive, with a built-in AMD 3200 processor on a MSI K9VGM-V motherboard, 1GB of RAM, a 15" Viewsonic monitor, Soundblaster Live (Oh Yeah!), and the best thing of all, an OPTICAL DRIVE (unlike the Macbook Air. Take that Steve Jobs!). Gastón Betancor, the inventor of this magnificent machine 9 known as the "Notebuc"). This idea comes from this electronic musician who just didn't have the money to buy a laptop. He explained how even if he had the money to purchase a laptop, it wouldn't be the Macbook Air. "Something cheaper," he said.
Wait to go Gastón! Wait to not shell in all of that dough for a laptop that doesn't even fill the needs for a moderate laptop user.

iPhone Apps now on iPod Touch ($20?!?!?!)

When CEO Steve Jobs of Apple gave his keynote during MWSF earlier this month, he announced that Mail, Stock, Notes, Weather, and Google Maps would be available for the iPod Touch, along with the ability to customize your home-screen and add bookmark icons to your home-screen as well. iPod Touch buyers were pleased to here that, considering they were available on the iPhone from Day 1 and after all, the iPod Touch is just the iPhone without the phone, right? Well, apparently, you'll have to hand over $20 in order to obtain these apps and new features (that are and have been available to Jailbroken iPod Touch users for quite some time now). I thought Apple wanted us to update our ipod's because they don't agree with the whole jailbreaking method.
Well, the 1.1.3 firmware update for iPod Touch's doesn't include any new functionality, so why iPod Touch users would wanted to compromise with Apple with this lame firmware update. All they had to do was charge just a dollar or two for the upgrade and I bet nearly everyone would've gave in to Apple. But now, due to Apple's, one of many, attempts at making a profit, people who already have these apps and plenty more aren't going to be in compromising mood. After all, who would give up hundreds of amazing, free apps for an extra 5? And let's not forget, something that should've been on the iPod Touch from Day 1, the ability to display lyrics during a song (just like they did with the Video iPod).

Sony Delays Skype for Slim PSP (jeeze Sony, havn't you learned your lesson about delays?)

When Sony announced that Skype would be coming to the Slim PSP model, fanboys cheered as the PSP gained more astounding features. The PSP already serves as a portable handheld gaming device, an incredible media player using Sony's popular Media Stick Duo card, a mobile internet device (although it isn't the best mobile browser ever), an internet radio device, and so on. Apparently what happened is that Sony's Skype headset didn't fully reach the Skype standards. This is sad Sony. Having a PSP Slim of my very own, I was really looking forward to Skype being released A.S.A.P. Well, better hurry, we hungry Skype users are dying for this feature!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hitachi Embracing Blu-ray to it's Fullest

Hitachi has just released it's new DZ-BDH9 model camcorder which features a blu-ray drive and a 60GB HDD, an improved 5.3megapixel CMOS sensor. It still captures an incredible 1920 x 1080 MPEG-4/H.264 video to the internal HDD or 8cm, 7.5GB blu-ray disc. It aslo features an bright, colorful 2.7" LCD screen and the standard HDMI and USB 2.0 ports. Apparently, not too many consumers were pleased with their first generation model, but they have come back, ready to show the world what they got. Hitting the Japanese market on February 12th at $1,700, this might not be something to just purchase right off of the shelf.

Ceramic White PS3 Coming to U.S.

The FCC has just approved Sony's 40GB ceramic white PS3 model for U.S. distribution.

(Note to Sony): U.S. people want the stuff you release in Japan, so why not just release them at the same time? How 'bout it?

(Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD) ...And the Winner is...?

With Warner Brother's decision to fully suport Blu-ray as the future of high-definition discs, Blu-rays marketshare rose to an amazing 93%.
I almost feel sorry for the HD DVD team. The HD DVD had a big party all ready at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and then they got the news that their buddy Warner ditched them. The team cancelled the party and announced that it was sad to see Warner go. But, a shortwhile after, Toshiba slashed all of it's, already incredibly-low, HD DVD player prices. And they are at a cheap and definately affordable price. But with the majoirty of the studios on board with the Blu-ray team, who really wants to have an HD DVD player anymore? All that's left is for Universal and Paramount to go to the blu side and this, never-seems-to-end, format war will finally come to a stop once and for all.

Technology Heals the Blind?

Michelle Hauer, a UCLA Optical Engineer has made a statement saying that tecnology may have advanced enough into produce an electronic vision system. The Micro-camera will be placed inside the lens of the eye and will send the data to a nerve-stimulating chip located on the back of the eye.
Technology has helped us live life better and much easier. As you can see, we are on the rise of even more breakthroughs in the field of technology.

Macbook Air Review

There are plenty of other lightweight laptopss that are MUCH, MUCH lighter than the Macbook Air. Without an included optical drive with it's ridiculous $1700 price tag for the bare minimum, this is a laptop you need to think twice about buying. After all, the purpose of an ultra-portable laptop is to be, well....ultra-portable. Just thinning down the Macbook Pro and removing most of it's common day necessities such as an internal optical drive, more storage, and multiple USB ports, does not make it much more portable than the Macbook Pro. The Macbook Air at it's bare minimum features a 80GB 4200RPM HDD. With only having 80GB of storage, I expect it to be at least 5400RPM, which is much faster than a 4200RPM drive. The "X" and "Y" dimensions are more important in the menaing of the term "ultra-portable" than the "Z" dimension (a.k.a. it's thickness). The Macbook Air doesn't set any new standard in the ultra-portable laptop world. It's a thin, sleek laptop, but it's just not the kind of laptop to have around for typical Macintosh users.
Of course, you will have people buying it just for it's sleek, sharp look, which Apple will be happy about, that someone is buying it, But I'm sure that most people you buy it don't know what they are missing in comparison to their current laptop.

(Updated): Apple will soon be announcing a refresh of it's popular Macbook Pro. It will feature the same multi-touch trackpad as the recently announced (piece of crap) Macbook Air.