Tuesday, January 22, 2008

(Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD) ...And the Winner is...?

With Warner Brother's decision to fully suport Blu-ray as the future of high-definition discs, Blu-rays marketshare rose to an amazing 93%.
I almost feel sorry for the HD DVD team. The HD DVD had a big party all ready at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and then they got the news that their buddy Warner ditched them. The team cancelled the party and announced that it was sad to see Warner go. But, a shortwhile after, Toshiba slashed all of it's, already incredibly-low, HD DVD player prices. And they are at a cheap and definately affordable price. But with the majoirty of the studios on board with the Blu-ray team, who really wants to have an HD DVD player anymore? All that's left is for Universal and Paramount to go to the blu side and this, never-seems-to-end, format war will finally come to a stop once and for all.

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