Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Most Affordable Ultra-Portable Computer Yet!

WOW! Talk about innovating in the field of ultra-portable computing. This baby has a packed in 120GB SATA hard drive, with a built-in AMD 3200 processor on a MSI K9VGM-V motherboard, 1GB of RAM, a 15" Viewsonic monitor, Soundblaster Live (Oh Yeah!), and the best thing of all, an OPTICAL DRIVE (unlike the Macbook Air. Take that Steve Jobs!). Gastón Betancor, the inventor of this magnificent machine 9 known as the "Notebuc"). This idea comes from this electronic musician who just didn't have the money to buy a laptop. He explained how even if he had the money to purchase a laptop, it wouldn't be the Macbook Air. "Something cheaper," he said.
Wait to go Gastón! Wait to not shell in all of that dough for a laptop that doesn't even fill the needs for a moderate laptop user.

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