Wednesday, January 23, 2008

iPhone Apps now on iPod Touch ($20?!?!?!)

When CEO Steve Jobs of Apple gave his keynote during MWSF earlier this month, he announced that Mail, Stock, Notes, Weather, and Google Maps would be available for the iPod Touch, along with the ability to customize your home-screen and add bookmark icons to your home-screen as well. iPod Touch buyers were pleased to here that, considering they were available on the iPhone from Day 1 and after all, the iPod Touch is just the iPhone without the phone, right? Well, apparently, you'll have to hand over $20 in order to obtain these apps and new features (that are and have been available to Jailbroken iPod Touch users for quite some time now). I thought Apple wanted us to update our ipod's because they don't agree with the whole jailbreaking method.
Well, the 1.1.3 firmware update for iPod Touch's doesn't include any new functionality, so why iPod Touch users would wanted to compromise with Apple with this lame firmware update. All they had to do was charge just a dollar or two for the upgrade and I bet nearly everyone would've gave in to Apple. But now, due to Apple's, one of many, attempts at making a profit, people who already have these apps and plenty more aren't going to be in compromising mood. After all, who would give up hundreds of amazing, free apps for an extra 5? And let's not forget, something that should've been on the iPod Touch from Day 1, the ability to display lyrics during a song (just like they did with the Video iPod).

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to get my $20 back and i even purchased mine on January 1st. Don't buy an Apple product from Best Buy or else you can end up losing a couple of Jacksons.