Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Macbook Air Review

There are plenty of other lightweight laptopss that are MUCH, MUCH lighter than the Macbook Air. Without an included optical drive with it's ridiculous $1700 price tag for the bare minimum, this is a laptop you need to think twice about buying. After all, the purpose of an ultra-portable laptop is to be, well....ultra-portable. Just thinning down the Macbook Pro and removing most of it's common day necessities such as an internal optical drive, more storage, and multiple USB ports, does not make it much more portable than the Macbook Pro. The Macbook Air at it's bare minimum features a 80GB 4200RPM HDD. With only having 80GB of storage, I expect it to be at least 5400RPM, which is much faster than a 4200RPM drive. The "X" and "Y" dimensions are more important in the menaing of the term "ultra-portable" than the "Z" dimension (a.k.a. it's thickness). The Macbook Air doesn't set any new standard in the ultra-portable laptop world. It's a thin, sleek laptop, but it's just not the kind of laptop to have around for typical Macintosh users.
Of course, you will have people buying it just for it's sleek, sharp look, which Apple will be happy about, that someone is buying it, But I'm sure that most people you buy it don't know what they are missing in comparison to their current laptop.

(Updated): Apple will soon be announcing a refresh of it's popular Macbook Pro. It will feature the same multi-touch trackpad as the recently announced (piece of crap) Macbook Air.

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